Magic: the Gathering;
Deck Ideas
There goes the neighborhood,
Magic Players!!!
I found this place empty,
so I just moved in!
That's right I'm a website squatter.

Everyone calls me Sleazy.
I found this place on
January 1, 2000

I'm 30 years old, from Rienlandphalz,DE.

After bumbing around all day,
I came up with this Type II Deck Idea.
This weeks deck:
Mono-Black, Stompy Deck-
Phyrexian Negator x 4
Hidden Horror x 3
Spined Fluke x 3
Priest of Gix x 3
Phyrexian Broodlings x 3
Undertaker x 4
Nether Spirit x 4
Contamination x 2
Attrition x 2
Twisted Experiment x 2
Dark Ritual x 4
Vampiric Tutor x 2
Unearth x 4
Swamp x 17
Phyrexian Tower x 1
High Market x 2

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This is Great Game!
    Magic the gathering is like a cross between Uno, Chess, and Stratigo.
    You can plan, scheme, and construct all you want, but it is about 60 to 70% LUCK!
    It is a very fun game. If you have any new deck ideas, sugestions on my deck, or questions shoot me an e-mail. If your in the area (Kaiserslautern)let me know, every Friday night we play booster draft. Don't take anything personnel, when you show up. We pick on . . . . or treat everyone the same.
    AKA: "2sleazy4u"
    1 JAN, 2000.
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